GeriHip hip protection by Prevent Products includes our new PPI-RAP™

Yeadon Space Agency, Prevent Products, and Viemeister Industries have introduced a new product to the market, better hip protectors featuring a new foam technology that rapidly absorbs impact shock. Our new PPI-RAP™ foam comfortably conforms to the body and works on a molecular level to provide superior hip protection.

“We are transforming the latest technology that works for skaters and snowboarders, to help their grandparents!” said Prevent Products, Inc.’s President, Mario M. Garcia.

The proprietary PPI-RAP™ foam instantly dissipates force, absorbing up to 90% of energy at impact (as measured according to ASTM F1614-C). PP-RAP™ is soft when at rest, above its “glass transition temperature” (Tg). When stressed at a high rate or impacted quickly, the Tg reaches a point when the foam momentarily “freezes” and hardens – like water freezing into ice. When this happens, the material forms a protective shell that shields and absorbs impact better than other protective foams.

Additionally, our PPI-RAP™ hip protection pads are infused with Microban® during the manufacturing process, so that antimicrobial protection becomes an integral part of its composition. When microbes come in contact with the foam’s surface, Microban® protection penetrates cell walls and disrupts key cell functions so that the microbes cannot function, grow, or reproduce. Microban® protects PPI-RAP™ materials from the growth of bacteria.

President Mario M. Garcia announced, “The new, improved GeriHip® is our first collaboration with Viemeister Industries and Yeadon Space Agency. Together, we are bringing new technologies and user-centered design to our suite of preventative care products.”

You can see our demonstration tests, below, and read more about this collaboration in our joint press release. Need some superior hip protection? You can purchase the product here!

A Yeadon Space Agency demonstration of PPI-RAP™ foam pads absorbing drop impact

A Yeadon Space Agency demonstration of PPI-RAP™ foam pads absorbing projectile impact