Fido Luggage

Fido Luggage is a state-of-the-art suitcase that will heel, thanks to advanced motion robotics that enable it to faithfully follow you around the airport, train station, or park. Fido runs on four spherical wheels that are independently controlled, which allows it to rapidly change direction and spin around on the spot. Obstacle avoidance is managed with an onboard sensor array.

Once trained, Fido will recognize your voice and follow your lead. There is no need to drag or lift the beast, or use a leash … just tell Fido what to do!

Originally, before smart watches were invented, the design included an owner’s wristband that managed Fido’s proximity to the owner. The wristband contained two buttons: On|Off and Train. The training button is used to set up Fido’s voice recognition system; it can also be used for retraining in future. This connectivity can now be managed with a phone/watch app.

Behind Fido’s protective shell is a spacious interior. The components that enable Fido to run are located below this interior volume, including a retractable power cord to recharge its batteries. Fido’s omni-directional wheels will also recharge its batteries when it’s rolling down an incline. Alternatively, the owner can recharge the batteries by pulling Fido by the leash, causing its wheels to turn. The tail antenna is designed to recoil for stowage, and the handy leash unclips.

Is Fido lost? Not to worry! Fido has a GPS locator that enables you to find each other against all odds. Fido is fidelity.