A graphene composite for large, flexible displays

  The main transparent conductor currently used in a variety of display and mobile device applications is Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), however its price is increasing exponentially since it is forecast that natural reserves of Indium will be exhausted in the next decade. Recent research at the University of Exeter, by Professor Saverio Russo and Dr. […]

NASA-tested primer stops corrosion

  The world is made out of bad concrete and rusty steel, and corrosion is the primary cause of deterioration of our infrastructure,” says Bob Walde, vice president of technology for Surtreat Holding LLC. The problem, he says, is that engineers tend to try to stop corrosion by physical means that address the symptoms but […]

Towards green, lightweight and highly efficient nanosilk air filters

  The serious threat of air pollution to human health has spurred the development of advanced filter technologies. Efforts have been made in designing air filters for particulate matter (PM), which feature both high filtration efficiency and low airflow resistance by utilizing carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and electrospun polymers and inorganic nanofibers. To date, the development of CNT-based air […]

A scarf that intentionally ruins paparazzi photographs

  This line of clothing accessories has a bold claim: “Privacy is back.” Using fabric patterned with a special material, ISHU scarves protect the wearer from unwanted photography by harshly reflecting flashes back to the lens. The photos just turn out as floating glowing scarves while everything else would turn black. This is because under a […]

Researchers develop shape-changing smart material

  Washington State University researchers and scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed a unique, multifunctional smart material that can change shape from heat or light and assemble and disassemble itself. This is the first time researchers have been able to combine several smart abilities, including shape memory behavior, light-activated movement and self-healing behavior, into […]

Genetically engineered rat cells make robot stingray swim

  Scientists have built a robotic stingray made of heart muscle cells from a rat, a skeleton of gold, plastic fins, and light-activated algae proteins. Developed by Sung-Jin Park at Harvard University, the tiny, 16-millimeter-long robots take about a week to make, mostly because of the time it takes to grow the heart muscle cells in […]

Engineers create collapsible battery powered with the help of dirty water

  Two engineers at Binghamton University have developed a collapsible, bacteria-powered battery that uses the ancient Japanese paper folding art of origami. A drop of bacteria-laden liquid acts as a catalyst to power the paper battery, which folds into a square and costs five cents to make, according to its creator. “Our simple and cheap […]

  University of Pennsylvania engineers have developed a rapid, low-cost genetic test for the Zika virus. The $2 testing device, about the size of a soda can, does not require electricity or technical expertise to use. A patient would simply provide a saliva sample. Color-changing dye turns blue when the genetic assay detects the presence […]

Artificial leaf makes liquid fuel from sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water

  Daniel Nocera, a professor of energy science at Harvard who pioneered the use of artificial photosynthesis, says that he and his colleague Pamela Silver have devised a system that completes the process of making liquid fuel from sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water. And they’ve done it at an efficiency of 10 percent, using pure […]