A guide to the nanotechnology used in the average home

  As a researcher of nanomaterials, Cameron Shearer is often asked: “When are we finally going to start seeing nanotechnology products on the market?” This is a simple question to answer because the average home is already filled with products enhanced or reliant upon nanotechnology. In fact, there are several online repositories listing the more than […]

Interscatter contact lenses talk to phone via Wi-Fi

  University of Washington researchers have introduced a new way of communicating that allows devices such as brain implants, contact lenses, credit cards and smaller wearable electronics to talk to everyday devices such as smartphones and watches. This new “interscatter communication” works by converting Bluetooth signals into Wi-Fi transmissions over the air. Using only reflections, […]

Dissolving battery could power devices that self-destruct

  Self-destructing electronic devices could keep military secrets out of enemy hands. Or they could save patients the pain of removing a medical device. Or, they could allow environmental sensors to wash away in the rain. Making such devices possible is the goal of a relatively new field of study called “transient electronics.” These transient […]

Printed Resin Technology Creates Super Strong Ceramics

  Researchers at HRL Laboratories have demonstrated the possibility to 3D print fully dense ceramic materials that can withstand ultrahigh temperatures in excess of 1700°C and exhibit strength ten times higher than similar materials. The novel process and material could be used in jet engines and hypersonic vehicles. Ceramics are more difficult to process than […]

Hybrid nanogenerator powers a safety helmet

  A team led by Zhong Lin Wang of the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems and Weiqing Yang of Southwest Jiaotong University has made a new safety helmet that is powered by a triboelectric nanogenerator and an electromagnetic generator. The hybrid device, which can deliver a power density […]

Powerful 3D bioprinter prints bone with stem cells

  San Francisco, CA-based company Aether has introduced their Aether 1 3D Bioprinter with this demo of a print of two synthetic bones connected by a tendon, made with materials that include stem cells, conductive ink, and graphene. The bioprinter allows users to print with over ten different materials at a time. The Aether 1 allows […]

A graphene composite for large, flexible displays

  The main transparent conductor currently used in a variety of display and mobile device applications is Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), however its price is increasing exponentially since it is forecast that natural reserves of Indium will be exhausted in the next decade. Recent research at the University of Exeter, by Professor Saverio Russo and Dr. […]

NASA-tested primer stops corrosion

  The world is made out of bad concrete and rusty steel, and corrosion is the primary cause of deterioration of our infrastructure,” says Bob Walde, vice president of technology for Surtreat Holding LLC. The problem, he says, is that engineers tend to try to stop corrosion by physical means that address the symptoms but […]

Towards green, lightweight and highly efficient nanosilk air filters

  The serious threat of air pollution to human health has spurred the development of advanced filter technologies. Efforts have been made in designing air filters for particulate matter (PM), which feature both high filtration efficiency and low airflow resistance by utilizing carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and electrospun polymers and inorganic nanofibers. To date, the development of CNT-based air […]